Channel Frequency

ZAN TV On New Frequency 2021

ZAN TV On New FrequencyPakSat-1R@38 .0E  2021

FREQ: 4038 V 4800
MPEG4/SD/FTA Started
Replace On MOVIES 24

Zan TV (Women TV in Dari)[1] is an Afghan television channel that almost exclusively employs women, and offers programming that especially addresses issues relevant to women in Afghanistan.[1] Founded by Hamid Samar, a media entrepreneur, in Kabul in 2017, Zan TV was the first station of its kind in Afghanistan.[2][3][4]

Upon its founding, about half of the women hired for the station were already qualified, and the other half planned to learn on the job. This was because most Afghan media and TV companies would not historically hire women, so they had limited opportunities to develop media skills beforehand. Staff have included Nasrine Nawa, director of news programming, Yasamin Yarmal, host of the daily show,[4] Khalida Rashid, a political reporter,[5] Shabana Noori, a news anchor,[1] and Mehria Azali, a journalist and producer of the station’s political programming.[6]

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