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Help Tv New Frequency 2021

The Help is an American sitcom television series which premiered on The WB on March 5, 2004.[1] The show was a raunchy comedy that focused on the hard-luck life of a beauty school dropout who must work for the wealthy, spoiled Ridgeway family. The rest of the hired help are also quirky. The WB only aired seven episodes, the show ending on April 16, 2004, and canceled it in May 2004.

Help Tv New Frequency 2021

Maria is studying to be a beautician when she has to come home to nurse her sick mother. After her mother’s death, Maria is forced to take her place as the wealthy Ridgeway family’s maid. She soon discovers not only a class struggle between the Ridgeways and the help, but also an all-out war among the servants.

Help Tv
Trt World Hd
Sprit & Bride
Merry Bet Hd
TurkSat-4A @ 42.0E
TP: 18774 V 22500 KU
MPEG4 HD FTA Started

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