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Temko Tv HD New Frequency 2021

During their history, many Montenegrin basketball clubs played in the top-tier competition of SFR Yugoslavia, FR Yugoslavia and Serbia and Montenegro. Among them are KK Budućnost Podgorica, KK Lovćen, KK Sutjeska, KK Mornar, KK Primorka, KK Berane, KK Jedinstvo Bijelo Polje and KK Temko Nikšić.

Temko Tv HD New Frequency 2021

The Prva A liga, for sponsorships reasons named the Erste Liga, is the top-tier professional basketball league in Montenegro. It is the highest basketball division organized by the Basketball Association of Montenegro (KSCG). It was established in 2006. shortly after Montenegro declared its independence from Serbia and Montenegro.
The league is sponsored by and named after Erste Bank. Currently, two clubs from the area are playing in the regional ABA League. The most successful club in the Prva A liga is Budućnost Podgorica, which has won 11 titles.

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