Smartphone Brands Official Online Stores by Distributors in Pakistan

The IT industry of Pakistan is growing at a steady growth. There are two principle reasons for this growth. First is the accessibility of fast speed internet across the whole country. While the second is smartphone penetration which has increased dramatically over the course of time. Also, it has attracted new foreign smartphone companies to focus on Pakistan and open their stores in the country. So, in this article, I am going to talk about the official online stores by smartphone brands and distributors which are currently operating in Pakistan.

Smartphone Brands Official Online Stores by Distributors in Pakistan

Samsung is one of the most renowned brand operating in Pakistan for a long time. Whether you want to order any smartphone or any other accessories such as smartwatch etc. you will find literally every product on Samsung’s online store. Just choose any of the Galaxy smartphones you wish to buy or any other accessory and place your order online without any worry of a scam as it is the official online store of Samsung. All orders placed on Samsung Online Store are managed and distributed by Agility Logistics Private Ltd.

Infinix is relatively a new brand but it has penetrated in the Pakistani smartphone market at a fast pace. Today their smartphones and other products are used by a wide majority of people in Pakistan. Infinix doesn’t have its own online shopping platform so it has launched a third party online platform known as Xpark. You can order all Infinix products (smartphones and accessories) from this platform. It is the company’s trusted online platform for distributing orders so you don’t hesitate and worry about any misadventure while placing an order.

Xiaomi is another prolific brand operating in Pakistan. It has an official online store in Pakistan. Xiaomi has a wide range of products including a smartphone and a wide range of other accessories. So you will be happy to know as you can find all its products on its online store. As it is the official store so you don’t have to worry about any scam literally. Just place your order with ease and get your product at your doorsteps.

Qmobile is Pakistan’s domestic smartphone company. Its licence was cancelled earlier but now it has started operations in Pakistan. It has its own official online store as well from where you can place all the orders. You can order the latest smartphones and tablets from the store at ease. It is the trusted store as it is official, so don’t worry about anything while placing an order.

Itel is another new brand which started operating in Pakistan recently. Although it has not been able to impress many like Infinix or Tecno still it has attracted many buyers due to its affordable price. It has an official online store for Pakistan from where you can place all your orders. However, due to some inconvenience, its not working nowadays. But you don’t need to worry as you can order itel products from Xpark store which I mentioned earlier for Infinix products.

Airlink is one of the most reliable and trustworthy distributors of smartphones and other accessories in Pakistan. You can find every renowned brand on its online store including Apple, Huawei, Samsung, Tecno, TCL, Xiaomi and many others. It has a good warranty policy as well and renders a 12-month warranty after purchase. It has a number of stores scattered all around Pakistan.

Many of you must have heard about the United Mobile. As it is comparatively an old and the largest distributor in Pakistan. It was founded back in 2001. It remained official distributor of Nokia for nearly ten years. But now it is the official distributor of the Tecno Mobile, Alcatel and Voice. So you can find all Tecno, Alcatel and Voice products at its website. There are many United distributors all across Pakistan but you can place an order online from its official website.

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