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Sanoker New Biss Key 2021

The World Snooker Tour in the 2020–21 season consists of a field of 128 professional players.[2] The top 64 players from the prize money rankings after the 2020 World Championship, and the 35 players earning a two-year card the previous year automatically qualify for the season. Next, four

Sanoker New Biss Key 2021

places are allocated to the top four on the One Year Ranking List who have not already qualified for the Main Tour. Another two players came from the Challenge Tour, two players came from the CBSA China Tour, and a further 12 places were available through the Q School (four Event 1 winners, four Event 2 winners and four Event 3 winners). Two-year tour cards were also awarded to any player outside the top 64, who qualified for the main stage of the 2020 World Snooker Championship at the Crucible.[3] The rest of the places on to the tour came from amateur events and national governing body (NGB) nominations.[2]

Thaicom 5/6/8 at 78.5°E
TP: 4080 H 30000
SID: 0024
Biss Key : 25 52 95 0C AB EF 95 2F

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