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New TP TV5Monde Asie Latest Intelsat 17 at 66.0°E

New TP TV5Monde Asie Latest Intelsat 17 at 66.0°E

TV5Monde (French pronunciation: ​[te ve sɛ̃k mɔ̃d]), formerly known as TV5, is a French television network, broadcasting several channels of French-language programming. It is an approved participant member of the European Broadcasting Union.

The network is available in the United Kingdom and across Europe on satellite via Astra 19.2°E and Eutelsat 19E (both free-to-air), online and via TVPlayer.

TiVi5 Monde (French pronunciation: ​[ti vi sɛ̃k mɔ̃d]), stylized as TiVi5 MONDE, is an international pay television channel launched at the end of January 2012[1] by the Francophone network TV5 Monde, which is aimed mainly to French-speaking African children (4–13 years).[2] Its main goal is to teach French to young children through dedicated programs.

In the other regions, TiVi5 Monde is a block on TV5 Monde

New TP TV5Monde Asie Intelsat 17 at 66.0°E

TV5Monde Asie
New TP Sun TV Intelsat 17 at 66.0°
TP: 3965 V 12335 3/4

Today Latest Update January 28/01/2022

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