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Dubai Tv New TP on8.0W 2021

Dubai Tv New Frequency on EutelSat-8B @8.0W Working HD Latest Feed Here Update Today 2021

Dubai TV is a TV channel offered by the Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI). It replaced Emirates Dubai Television on June 14, 2004. Dubai TV broadcasts programmes predominantly in Arabic. The programming caters to family Arab audience specifically in the Arab World and is available in Australia, Europe, North America and the rest of Asia. A majority of its programming is produced locally in Dubai Media City. Dubai TV is a part of a four channel network owned by DMI.

definition “HD” format is free and available on Nilesat and yahsat.

Emirates Dubai Television was a television channel transmitting terrestrially out of Dubai in Arabic targeting the expat community in the U.A.E.. It was founded in 1979. It started transmitting via satellite in 1995 using the original Hot Bird satellite. In 2004, it changed its identity completely and is now known as Dubai TV and is part of DMI.

Dubai Tv
Dubai Sports 2
Dubai Sports 3
Dubai Zaman
EutelSat-8B @8.0W
FREQ: 11096 V 27500
MPEG2 SD FTA Started

The Emirates Dubai Television originally broadcast locally on two frequencies: One which kept the channel’s programming open the whole day, whilst the other was adjacently switched in favour of Channel 33’s 12-hour English programming beginning at 4:00 pm, later extending to 2:00 pm UAE time.

Madārāt (Danger)
Al Akhbar Al Emarat (Emirates News)
Qabil Lailnaqash (Debate)
Kharitat Al Maal (Economic Update)
Dubai Hadza Al Sabah (Dubai This Morning)
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