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BTV National On Asiasat 7 Biss Key Updated 2021

BTV National Asiasat 7 New Biss Key 2021

Needs to be prepared before the tide the content of the code biss key , you have to set a satellite dish is connected to the satellite asiasat 7 himself in a position 105.5e (3690 H 11394).After setingan dish connected asiasat satellites 7 to channel BTV national, next the code biss key today below: BTV National Biss Key On Asiasat 7

Satellite : Asiasat 7 at 105.5E
Channel Name : BTV National
Transponder : 3690 H 11394
Frequency : 3690
Pol : H
Symbol rate : 11394
SID :000B
Quality : Mpeg2

BTV Biss Key :
D1 6E F3 32 0A BC 92 58
CF 35 D2 D6 66 58 F1 AF

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