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Basketball Champions League New Biss Key 2021

The 2020–21 Basketball Champions League will be the fifth season of the Basketball Champions League (BCL), a European-wide professional basketball competition for clubs launched and managed by FIBA.

Basketball Champions League New Biss Key 2021

The Basketball Champions League (BCL) is an annual professional basketball competition for European clubs, organised by FIBA.
Clubs qualify for the competition based on their performance in their national leagues and cup competitions. Although exceptional, some teams can be wildcarded.[1][2]

Basketball: Champions League
7.0E Eutelsat 7A 7B
12546H 7200 9.5dB
Ident: DSNG BIH-012 M
Provider: AVC Sarajevo
HD H264 420
Biss Key : 28 05 6B 98 72 B6 55 7D
Biss: 28056B72B655

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