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Alarabiya Channel New Frequency on Nilesat 201 at 7.0°W

Alarabiya Channel New Frequency on 2021


Al Arabiya (Arabic: العربية‎, transliterated: al-ʿArabiyyah; meaning “The Arabic One” or “The Arab One”[a]) is an international Arabic television news channel, currently based in Dubai, that is operated by the media conglomerate MBC. The channel is a flagship of the media conglomerate and hence, is the only single offering to carry the name as simply “Al Arabiya” in its branding.


Channel Name_________:Alarabiya

Satellite Name_______:Nilesat 201


Frequency____________:11747 V

FEC__________________:27500 5/6





Today UPdate oct 2021:



Al Arabiya, Arabic-language satellite television channel, based in Dubai, established in March 2003. The company was founded by the brother-in-law of Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd, with additional investment from Lebanon’s Hariri Group and investors from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and other Gulf countries.


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