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7 8 Tv Hd New Frequency 2021

7/8 TV (Bulgarian: 7/8 ТВ, Седем-осми ТВ) is a Bulgarian national cable television company. The company was founded in 2019 in Sofia. The television is successor of Television Stara Zagora – its network and signal, and Slavi’s Show.[1]

7 8 Tv Hd New Frequency 2021

On 6 May in Slavi’s Show, Slavi Trifonov announces that his show will end on 31 July 2019, and after 15 September Slavi and his team will create their own television. In October 2019 on his Facebook profile Slavi Trifonov announces when his television will start. The first television broadcast is on the 4 November. On the first day the television start from 19:00 with the following broadcasts: “Studio X” and “The show of the screenwriters”.[2] The first episode of “The later show of Slavi Trofonov” was watched by 1,456,120 viewers. The registered office is in the offices of the company Seven-Eight in the so-called. “A little NPC” (Hall 12), but the television uses the studios of Doli Media Studio in Levski G, Sofia.[3]

7 8 Tv Hd
Vox Tv Hd
Duck Tv Hd
Gametoon Hd
BulgariaSat-1 @1.9E
TP: 12168 V 30000

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